Alzur's Journey

Third Journey is starting

Teased during Gwent Open #4, the third Journey has now started and the new main character is... Alzur!

Alzur The Mage
New Alzur's Customizable Leader Skin

Inventor of many spells, he is also one of the mages who created the Witchers but also some terrifying creatures. For the next 3 months, we will follow his Journey told by Galanthea, a young women saved by Alzur.

Elegant AlzurGreat OutcomeNecromancer Alzur
Vials Border Cube FocusMoon Phases Coin
Join him on this new Journey and unlock various trinkets!

Mahakam Season has also started!

While Journey is the major new addition, some old trinkets are coming back for Mahakam Season as well as a new reward tree with a famous Gnome, Percival.

Season of Mahakam CardbackMahakam Cardback
Returning and new cardback

Draft Mode

Latest major change from this patch: Draft Mode. It replaces the old Arena Mode. Sadly, no new trinket have been reported from this mode... but this may come! For the moment the Draft mode has been released as a beta. Once this mode will be ready for a full release, we will probably see new rewards for this mode.

A Gaunter O'Dimm skin is available in the shop to celebrate this pre-release.

Evil Incarnate

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