The future of the Trendy Gwentleman

Hello everyone!

It's been a while the last post... but the site is still alive!

2022 is almost over

And with the end of the year, we will have a Christmas event! Make some offering to Allgods to unlock new vanities and a cardback!
The 10.12 updates may be a little bit late for the event, some stuff has -again- changed in the game files and I need to adapt some of my tools.

One last year for Gwent?

During the last World Masters, CDPR has announced their intention to slowly drop the support for Gwent. New cards, esport season and new events are still planned for 2023 but starting 2024, there won't be any new cards.

This won't change anything -yet- for the Trendy Gwentleman. The website will continue to get some support and the data will stay up to date. In 2024, I will also provide a way to download the full database easily in the form of an excel sheet.

Some features that are work in progress on my side are very likely to never be finished. All the work I will do on the site will be keeping it up to date and eventually improving some of the existing features. The Daily Gwentle will probably receive a way to replay older puzzles and new cards should also be added soon in the rotation.

This isn't a farewell, I'm sure many people will still be playing in 2025 and beyond. And the Trendy Gwentleman will be with you until the end.

I wish you some happy Gwenting!


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