New Cosmetics Page

To match the new style of the website, the cosmetics page has been completely redone from scratch!

New Features

You can now get a perma-link to share what you were currently looking at. Example: Nilfgaard Borders. Just click the icon next to the search bar to get the link copied to your clipboard!

You can now set the order in which you want to display the cosmetics. Do you want to see the new ones first? Or the ones leaving first? Also support alphabetical order, even if I don't know if anyone is going to use this...

To add on the last point, a big review of when some cosmetics have been removed has been done and the tooltip is now automatically updated when the removed date is in the past: this should eliminate a lot of confusion whether the trinket is available or not.


Missing Features?

Compared to the old page some features may be missing... but don't worry, they will be back. The "preview" of the avatar and the border will be bigger, you will be able to download the preview... just like before or maybe better!

You may also have noticed that the page now only display one type of trinket... you will also be able to load everything at once (in fact, you already can).


The page is available from everywhere on the site by clicking the avatar next to the name of the site.

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