New Trees for Master Mirror

30th of June 2020, the Master Mirror expansion releases featuring Gaunter O'Dim and Evolving Cards. People were eager to update their game to open the reward book to find what were the new reward trees added with the expansion.

They were so disappointed to find only two trees that they had to play with the new cards instead of finding the best and coolest avatar and border combo.

Some people were saying that a rebellion started: Eredin's Fans against The Others.
CDPR tried its best to appease the angry mob and released 3 leader skins for the expansion. That was not enough. People wanted story, pieces of lore and much more cosmetics. Only the reward book was able to appease them.
As the year of the Wererat progressed, people were more and more angry (except Monsters players, the whole year was themed around a monster and they had one more tree than the others). Lead by the Salty Skelligers, players have tried multiple approaches to get the missing reward trees added. Bribery (from Nilfgaard players, probably), death threats, blackmailling, dead ravens... nothing worked. Until today.
The time has come: five new rewards trees are now there to complete the Master Mirror expansion. Five trees themed around five evolving cards: Eithné, The Usurper, Jacques, Harald The Cripple and, Viraxas.

Season of the Elves

The season of the elves has started. It will last until the 4th of May 2021. You can check the available cosmetics here for this season.

Future content for the site

During the last weeks, I've started to work on adding more languages for the previous journey stories. French and polsky have already been added, Italian and Spanish may be next. I've also tweaked some few things. For example, if you try now to “install” the website on your mobile (3-dots menu → add to home screen or install for android), the icon should be better, have a proper background color and potentially shortcuts to some pages.

Yennefer's and Ciri's Birthday is coming at the end of the month with some new cosmetics, so stay tuned!

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