Season of the Wild Hunt

Patch 8.0 is here along with some new cosmetic items… and a new expansion!

Way of the Witcher

The 6th expansion for Gwent is finally there. Nilfgaard, Skellige, Scoia'tael and Northern Realms are getting new Witcher Themed cards while the Syndicate is getting more Salamandra's cards and the Monsters continue to thrive. If you want to learn more about the expansion, you can read the official page.

Reward Book has new trees

New expansion, new reward tree! Wait, seven new reward trees! Each faction got its own reward tree with a legendary card inside each tree. These cards are Location cards and are artifacts, but with resilience. If you need a bit of carry-over for a short round 2 or to setup a combo for the round after, these cards will be helpful! There's of course some new cosmetics to go along.

Season of the Wild Hunt

Mahakam Season is now over and the Wild Hunt Season is starting. Wild Hunt Tree and Caranthir Ar-Feiniel Tree are back along with a new Winter Queen Reward Tree. Cosmetics from the previous year are also available from your nearest Shupe along with some new ones!

The Seasonal mode is now “Whenever you play a unit, Spawn a 1-power copy of it at the end of its row”. Cards with “Thrive”, engines (assimilate, charges, harmony…) or cards like “Living Armor” will have a good time… Note that Spies are also copied and can soft-lock the opponent's board.

It's Yule Season!

The Yule's Spirit has delivered a new Celebration Pack! A discounted pack including Ultimate Premium Kegs, some meteorite Powder and two exclusive cosmetics is now available from the shop.

Speaking of the shop, you can now gift goodies from the shop to your friends! This work for almost everything except for stuff you can buy with ore. So, if you have some extra meteorite powder, you can gift the Auberon Bundle to a friend! And I've heard it was only the beginning of the gift season… !

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