This Week in Gwent - 19/03/2021

Every week, Pawel Burza, Community Manager for Gwent comes back to what happened in Gwent during the past week and answer some questions from the community.

What happened last week?

Year of the Great Oak and Stalwart Leadership reward trees have been added to the game, you can see the cosmetics here. More trees will be added with patch 8.4 on the 1st of April.

St Patrick was celebrated in Gwent with a green hat for Shupe Leader skin! Viziman Bundle is also available in the shop for Meteorite Powder.

Shupe's hat - available in the shop.

Seasonal mode now changes every week. Until next Tuesday, it will be “Double Down” mode, next week will be “Momentum” mode.

Momentum rules: “Whenever a unit is damaged by another unit or itself, give the damaged unit Bleeding with a duration equal to the damage amount. Whenever a unit is boosted by another unit or itself, give the boosted unit Vitality with a duration equal to the boost amount.”

This weekend, qualifiers from Season of Love are happening. You can contribute to the prize pool for the official events by purchasing the Winter Pack or the Winter Bundle. The qualifiers are streamed on Spyro Twitch Channel and on SpecimenGwent Twitch Channel.

Community News

Team Bandit Gang is announcing a new podcast for Gwent, The Bandit Hideaway. You can get more information on their website. They also have a series of videos about the lore in Gwent. Do you know why Harald The Cripple is called “The Cripple”? No? Check this video then!

The Invitational II, a tournament hosted by Team Leviathan Gaming had its qualifiers last week. You can see the results here.

ClaymoreGwent was also holding a tournament, the results can be seen on their Twitter feed.

Two pixel-arts made by Scilex on Reddit have been shown on stream. Burza is now using Pavko Gale pixel-art as his avatar.


During the stream, many questions have been answered, only the most important answers will be summarized here.

Due to Covid, people are not going back to the studio for the moment.
The tournament platform is still being worked on in order to expand more the esports scene.
Journey characters are not returning soon, but they are considering options to return them.
For the moment, they prefer to add more characters as leader skins than adding more variations to currently existing skins.
A deck builder is coming on the official website, so you will be able to easily create decks outside of the game, access a full card database automatically updated with the latest update. The deck builder on this website being easy to update, it will continue to be updated normally until this official deck builder is released.
A celebration for Yennefer's and Ciri's Birthday is coming, this should take place in May.
They are working on Premium Tokens.
They are planning to update the music in the game. They want to bring back the old tracks.


Want more details? Or just find a leek recipe? You can watch the full video here.

Want to see your questions answered? You can send them on the Gwent official forum.

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