Way of the Witcher

It's official, the 6th Expansion for Gwent: Way of the Witcher will be released on the 8th of December, right after the World Masters!

New expansion, new mechanics

This expansion is going to introduce a completely new mechanic to the game: Adrenaline. Cards with adrenaline will get stronger as the round comes to its end as the Adrenaline ability can only be triggered when the player has less (or the same number of) cards than indicated by the Adrenaline value. Full explanations about Adrenaline.


As always, it is possible to buy a new exclusive bundle in the shop right now to get exclusive cosmetics like this cardback:

On top of this, the new Alzur card is now available within the game: test it now!

Alzur. Human, Mage. 6 Power, 11 Provisions, Legendary.

Ability: Whenever you play a Spell card, spawn a random unit with the same provision cost on this row. Counter: 3.

World Masters are Coming!

On the 5th and 6th of December, we will have the World Masters. With all previous Gwent Open events, we got unique bundles with Leader Skins and Game Boards. If you missed any of these bundles and are interested, they're all back in the shop!

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