Year of the Cursed Toad

Hello everyone!

The Year of the Cursed Toad has started... and some changes are happening to old cosmetics.

Forgotten Treasures are here

Latest mini-expansion has been released with few cosmetics.

Seasonal Rotation

The way seasonal cosmetics are working is now drastically different. Instead of having 3 seasonal trees that change every month, we are getting a full page that will be updated every 3 months. On this page, you will find all previous seasonal trees for the current trimester plus two additional ones. This mean that currently you have access to the old season of the Elves (April Season), the old Season of the Viper (May Season) and the old Season of Magic (June Season) trees plus two new additional trees (Vial of Forbidden Knowledge and Mysterious Puzzle Box). All these trees will stay until July 2022 and will return in April 2023.

Returning of Journeys

Dandelion's Journey is about to end... and previous journeys will be back. In May, Geralt and Ciri's Journey will be back first, other journeys will slowly return until the end of 2022.

What will change with the return of the previous journeys?
First, the time-limit will be removed. You will be able to take as long as you want to complete the journeys of your choice. You will be able to freely switch between the different journeys available but you can only progress one at a time. If you have previously purchased a journey, you do not need to buy it again. Your progression should also be saved.

A useful update to the journey section of this website will be released once Dandelion's Journey ends... so keep an eye on it!

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