This page regroups all journeys and a summary of their respective rewards for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

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Rewards take into accounts all available contracts for each path. The first line is the standard path (free), the second one, with the yellow background is the extended path (premium).

Geralt's Journey

Released in April 2020

Sunset Wanderers, Gaetan, Griffin Witcher Adept, Viper Witcher, Geralt: Quen, Dire Mutated Hound, Spontaneous Evolution, Kolgrim, Gerd, Mutant Maker, The Beast, Geralt: Axii, Aerondight, Cat Witcher, Keldar, Geralt: Yrden, Geralt: Igni, Bear Witcher

Ciri's Journey

Released in August 2020

Cards: Ciri: Nova, Bride of the Sea, Thanedd Turncoat, She Who Knows, Ludovicus Brunebaum, Making a bomb, Leo, Erland of Larvik, Dudu, Saov Ainmhi'dh, Ciri, Artaud Terranova, Ciri: Dash, Salamandra Mage, Maxii Van Dekkar, Chimera, Griffin Witcher

Alzur's Journey

Released in November 2020

Premium cards: Alzur Thunder, Dracoturtle, Alzur's Double Cross, Damien de la Tour, Philippa: Blind Fury, Forest Protector, Yghern, Flying Redanian.

Yennefer's Journey

Released in February 2021

Premium cards: Yennefer: Conjurer, Lady of the Lake, Caleb Menge, Yennefer's Invocation, Nenneke, Yarpen Zigrin, Mask of Uroboros, Cave Troll

Triss's Journey

Released in May 2021

Premium cards: Triss Merigold, Foltest's Pride, Adda: Strigga, Philippa Eilhart, Fringilla Vigo, Coral, Ida Emean aep Sivney, Triss: Butterfly

Aretuza's Journey

Offer boards and beta musics

Premium cards: Aretuza Adept, Yennefer: Conjurer, Caranthir Ar-Feiniel, Vilgefortz, Ithline, Coral, Triss: Telekinesis, Philippa Eilhart

Regis's Journey

Released in November 2021

Premium cards: Korathi Heatwave, Oneiromancy, Eithné Young Queen, Auberon King, Jacques Miraculous Child, Harald an Craite, Usurper Officer, Viraxas Prince

Dandelion's Journey

Released in February 2022

Premium cards: Anna Henrietta, Dandelion: Vainglory, Sigi Reuven, Eist Tuirseach, Dandelion: Poet, Dandelion, Miruna, Zoltan: Warrior