This calculator is able to tell you how fast you can complete a journey depending on your current progress.

Journey Calculator

When did you start the Journey?

When do you want to finish it?

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What is your starting level?

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Crown Points per day

Every time you win a round, you get a crown point.
First 14 crown points earned every day are doubled.

Rounds Win per day

Make sure to also complete the Journey quests!

Journey Progress


Your Progress

You've picked up the journey on 01/01/1900 and at this time, you were level 1. Right now, you are level 42.
To reach level 175 by 01/12/1900, you need an average of 1 crown points per day. Currently the calculator estimates you will be at level 100 at this date.
To be "on track", you need to be around level 50. You will reach your objective around 01/01/1901.

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